Largest Selection of Wholesale Sterling Silver Chakra Balancing Jewelry!

We are proud to say that we now carry the largest selection of sterling silver Chakra balancing jewelry. Our unique Chakra pendants, Chakra earrings, Chakra rings, and Chakra bracelet designs are widely accepted in the mainstream market because of their artistic design and beneficial healing power that helps balance energy. Our wide collection of authentic gemstone chakra jewelry artfully portrays the intimate rhythm of our nourishing life-breath progressing to each chakra of our being to balance our life.

Esprit Creations Chakra Jewelry is always meticulously set in sterling silver with seven authentic sparkling, clear, genuine gemstones that rightfully correspond to the seven Chakras.

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. Our wholesale chakra jewelry consists of seven unique colored gemstones, each carefully placed to correspond to the particular frequency level it represents in our body.

All our Chakra jewelry is made with high quality natural gemstones. Many of these unique designs are exclusive to Esprit Creations and all the designs in this series have the following chakra stones: Root - garnet, Pelvic - carnelian, Solar Plexus - citrine, Heart - peridot, Throat - blue topaz, Brow - iolite, and crown - amethyst.