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Free Promotional Cards

The links below are pdf files. They can be used as educational materials to help customers realize the value of the jewelry purchased from Esprit Creations. Feel free to download and use when merchandising products in your store.

View stone cards in alphabetical order.

Stone Cards

Symbol Cards - Beautiful high resolution full color cards to help your customers realize the meanings of items in our Symbols/Nature Themes category. Includes chakra description.

Birthstone Cards - Beautiful high resolution pdf file of birthstones for all 12 months.

Himalayan Chakra Stones - Useful information about our Seven Himalayan Black Stones etched with authentic Chakra Symbols

High Vibration Healing Stones - Interesting information about some of our more unique gemstones.

North Star Ring - The North Star is also called the Lode Star or Pole Star. For thousands of years the North Star has been well known as a point of reference for navigators. It is called the Guiding Star because Earth’s north axis points towards it.