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Supra Seven Pendant

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Our Supra 7 is also known as Super 7, or Cosmic Quartz.  It is rare to see it with so many vivid colors!

Found in the mines of Espirito Santo, Brazil, Supra 7 comes in an intricate range of patterns and matrix, with colorful rutiles of golden, red, and black dancing within Clear Crystal Quartz and Purple Amethyst.  It naturally contains 7 minerals corresponding to the 7 Chakras:  Cocoxinite, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Lepidacrosite, Goethite, Rutile and Alpha Quartz.  Supra 7 connects one to a higher consciousness and aids in focusing and clarity and strength of purpose. For a more detailed list, please see our Beautiful Free Promotional Cards.  You can download them from our home page to give to your customers.

Due to the unique characteristics of the natural mineral inclusions, your stone may wonderfully vary slightly from the picture shown.

1 3/4"

Sterling Silver

  • Item: P-160
  • 3 Units in Stock

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