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Chakra Tree of Life and Love Pendant

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We are calling this delicate and artsy design the Tree of Life and Love, because when you look closely you see 2 stylized hidden hearts. Connects the living force of ‘All that is’

1 1/2"


  • Amethyst                Crown            Enlightening, Consciousness
  • Iolite                       Third Eye      Intuition, Wisdom
  • Blue Topaz             Throat           Expression, Communication
  • Peridot                    Heart            Love, Compassion
  • Citrine                     Solar Plexis   Introspective, Growth
  • Carnelian                Naval-Sacral  Desire, Creativity
  • Garnet                    Root              Security, Health

Sterling Silver


  • Item: M-CH80
  • 11 Units in Stock